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DES Hair Care is a curly hair care brand. With their montreal and vancouver hair salon, they offer curly hair services as well as curly hair care products.

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Healthy Hair All Year Long- 2023 Hair Care Trends

As we look into 2023 for hair care trends, the main focus this year is said to be on hair repair, hair protection and hair growth. To keep you on trend and to help you reach your 2023 hair goals here are the healthy hair trends and treatments that you should consider this new year.

Hair Repair:

If your goal is related to hair repair, you’re going to want to consider adding a reparative mask into your routine. Masks will temporarily fill in the damaged hair strands giving more life, volume and bounce to your curls. If you're looking to treat yourself, booking a wash and go and a restorative protein treatment at your favourite curly hair salon will also do the trick. This option is pricier but there is nothing like having a thorough hair washing and scalp massage done by a professional.

Treatments under the hair dryer, steam treatments and scalp detoxes are a great way to repair your damaged hair. Remember, not all damage is the same. Damaged due to over processing or excessive amount of heat cannot be fixed. Once your curl pattern has be destroyed that hair is no longer salvageable and its time to say bye-bye ( Cut it!)

Hair Protection:

Protective styles are the first thought when we consider how to protect our curls. However, we can protect our hair even while it is out and about, in a ponytail and even straightened. Hair protection is based on the amount of manipulation you do to your hair. The more you manipulate it, the less protected it is.

The three big tips to protect your hair are:

Choose low manipulation styles- This can be box braids, or two strand twists. This may be weekly washes and simple natural styles. It is important that you chose something that is realistic for your activities of daily life and your schedule.

Have a regular hair care routine that keeps your tresses hydrated- Your hair needs to be protected whether it's in its natural state or in a protective style. The worst thing you can do for your hair is throw some box braids in, leave them in for a few weeks and only worry about your hair when it's time to take them out.

Protect your hair while you sleep- Grab yourself a satin bonnet or pillowcase and use satin scrunchies instead of elastics. Satin does not absorb moisture from your hair, so the hydration stays where it needs to be. Satin not only keeps your hair hydrated, it eliminates breakage due to friction, such as with fabrics like cotton.

Hair Growth:

Hair growth is dependent on many things, but in a healthy adult, hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month. If you aren't seeing that growth, you may be lacking in vital vitamins and minerals, have a hormone imbalance or have an underlying medical condition.

The other and most common reason why you may not be seeing that growth is due to split ends. Split ends travels up the hair shaft and continue to break and damage your healthy hair. So your hair IS growing at the root, but your ends are breaking off. This is why you don't see any length retention. It is recommended that you trim your ends every 3-4 months or as needed. If you have a large amount of split ends and are not ready for a drastic change in length, consider cutting a few inches off every other month, this will help you keep some length, while also removing significant amounts of damaged ends at a time.

Other simple remedies that have proven to help with growth are:

  • Hair growth oils

  • Drinking 1-2L of water a day

  • Having a healthy balanced diet

Remember, healthy hair starts from the inside. Look at your daily habits and see what you can do to improve not only your hair health, but your physical, mental and spiritual health as well.

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