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hair salon booking, des hair care

Curly Hair Chronicles: Are Silk Scrunchies Actually Worth It?

Everywhere we turn, we see cute silk scrunchies advertised. They cost way more than regular ponytail holders/elastics that we grew up with, so why is there such a huge market for it?

The reason being that we now have a better understanding of our natural hair, what works for it, and what works against it. If you're debating investing oil some satin scrunchies read this post to see why you need some satin scrunchies for your hair today!

Helps Hair Retain Moisture

The silk-like textures of these scrunchies are not very absorbent. This is very important for those with curly hair, whose main problem is ensuring proper hydration. If the ponytail holdr that you are using absorbs moisture from your hair, that means less moisture for your hair, and wasted hair products. Less moisture leads to breakage and hair loss, and we definitely do not want that for our hair.

Reduces Breakage + Ahedding

Have you ever struggled to take out your hair elastic and you feel tugging and pain. And then when you finally get it out you see a bunch of your beautiful curls in the elastic band. Sorry to say, but that is breakage and unnecessary shedding. With silk scrunchies, you dont have to worry about that. They are smooth and do not pull on your hair.

Cute Accessory

Even if you're wearing your hair out, it's always important to carry a means of tying up your hair. With a silk scrunchie, it's the perfect way to ensure you're always prepared, but also is a cute accessory that you can match to your outfit and style.

Even though silk scrunchies are very cute and are very “in” right now, you should consider them an essential styling tool and not just a trend. You should invest and get yourself some satin/silk scrunchies for you and your loved one.

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