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DES Hair Care is a curly hair care brand. With their montreal and vancouver hair salon, they offer curly hair services as well as curly hair care products.

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10 Must-Have Products for Curly Hair That Actually Work

Hey there, fellow curl friends! If you're on a quest for the perfect products that will bring out the best in your curls, you've come to the right place. As a fellow curly girl and curl specialist, I understand the importance of finding products that truly deliver on their promises. That's why I've compiled a list of my top 10 must-have products and tools for curly hair that have been tried, tested, and proven to work wonders. Get ready to say hello to fabulous, defined curls that will make you fall in love with your hair all over again. Let's dive in!

Moisturizing Shampoo

Start your curly hair routine right with a moisturizing shampoo that cleanses without stripping away natural oils. Look for sulfate-free options that are specifically formulated for curly hair. Apply a small amount to wet hair, massage gently into the scalp, and rinse thoroughly.

Hydrating Conditioner

Follow up with a hydrating conditioner that provides deep moisture and nourishment. Apply from mid-length to ends, focusing on the driest areas. Leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing to allow the conditioner to work its magic. For an extra boost of moisture, consider using a detangling brush or your fingers to detangle while the conditioner is in your hair.

Leave-In Conditioner

A leave-in conditioner is a curly girl's best friend. It provides an additional layer of hydration and helps to detangle and define curls. Apply a small amount to damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Gently scrunch and squeeze your hair to encourage curl formation.

Curl-Enhancing Cream or Gel

To define your curls and minimize frizz, invest in a curl-enhancing mouse or gel. Apply a generous amount to damp hair, scrunching it in from the ends to the roots. This will help to encourage curl formation and lock in the shape. For a more natural look, opt for a cream. If you prefer more hold and definition, go for a gel.

Microfiber Towel or T-Shirt

Ditch the regular towel and opt for a microfiber towel or a soft cotton T-shirt to dry your hair. These materials are gentle on your curls and help to minimize frizz. After applying your styling products, gently scrunch your hair with the towel or T-shirt to absorb excess water.

Diffuser Attachment

If you prefer using a blow dryer, invest in a diffuser attachment. This accessory helps to evenly distribute airflow and reduce frizz while preserving your curls' natural shape. Set your blow dryer to a low or medium heat setting and use the diffuser in a circular motion, lifting your curls towards the scalp.

Satin or Silk Pillowcase

Say goodbye to bedhead and frizz by sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase. These smooth materials create less friction, helping to maintain your curls' definition and reduce breakage. You can also use a satin or silk bonnet or scarf to protect your curls while you sleep.

Refreshing Spray

Extend the life of your curls between washes with a refreshing spray. Mix water with a small amount of leave-in conditioner or a curl refreshing spray in a spray bottle. Mist your hair and gently scrunch to revive your curls and add moisture.

Wide-Tooth Comb or Detangling Brush

Keep your curls tangle-free with a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush. Use it to gently remove any knots or tangles, starting from the ends and working your way up. Be patient and gentle to minimize breakage and preserve your curl pattern.

Hair Oil or Serum

Finish off your curly hair routine with a nourishing hair oil or serum. Apply a small amount to your palms, rub them together, and gently scrunch the oil or serum into the ends of your hair. This will add shine, tame frizz, and provide additional moisture.

There you have it, curly friends – my top 10 must-have products for curly hair that actually work. Incorporate these products into your curly hair routine, follow the steps and tips mentioned, and get ready to embrace the beauty of your curls. Remember, every curl is unique, so feel free to experiment and adjust these recommendations to suit your hair's specific needs. Enjoy the journey of discovering the products that work best for you, and may your curls always be fabulous and defined!

xx Des



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